Welcome to Karan Feed Industries

Having become one of the leading names in poultry feed, and an emerging name in cattle and horse feed

With a progressive, eco-friendly and sustainable production mechanism of animal feeds, we aim to achieve progress and prosperity for all our stakeholders. This is achieved by keeping customers at the forefront of our every thought and action that ensures higher profits for them. Eventually, we aspire to be best known for our part in building a prosperous India.

  • Promoting Karanfeed’s image – “Safe Feed for Safe Food”.
  • Creating awareness among industry role.
  • Providing information to members & other role players.
  • To enhance and support a sustainable industry.

What We Do

All kinds of services

Cattle Feed

Karan Feed Industries is one of the fastest growing names in cattle feed. In sync with the diverse cattle conditions of India.

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Poultry Feed

Karan Feed Industries is one of the leading names in poultry feed in India. Available in both Broiler Feed and Layer Feed.

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Fish Feed

In the wake of the importance of the fish industry in Indian economy, Karan Feed Industries is a significant name.

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Emu Feed

Anatomical studies have revealed that the digestive system of emus comprises an oesophagus, proventriculus, gizzard.

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Horse Feed

At Karan Feed Industries, we know it takes optimum nutrition to feed your horse for proper development, overall health.

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Other Raw Materials

We are a leading supplier of superior quality Animal Feed Materials and Poultry Feed Materials.

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