Greater weight gain, higher returns

Karan Feed Industries is one of the leading names in poultry feed in India. Available in both Broiler Feed and Layer Feed, it is prepared with the finest of ingredients. Our production systems adhere to the principle of Total Quality Management. This is achieved with stringent control at all levels starting with raw materials and processes to control of pathogens and finished products. In keeping with the innovative spirit, we have introduced a new product that imbibes an all new technology and is geared up to strengthen growth prospects.


  • Improved Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR)
  • Improved weight gain
  • Better digestibility
  • Reduces pathogen load
  • Reduces mortality rate
  • Releases healthy gut microbes
  • Adaptable to different breeds and climatic conditions of India
  • Value for money

Anmol, one of the fastest growing names in Poultry Feed, is about superior product quality. It helps in better body weight gain and feed conversion ratio.


Pre-starter Crumbs (0 to 14 days) : Balanced nutritive feed with uniform crumbs

Starter Crumbs (15 to 28 days) : Protein, energy and amino acids balanced crumbs feed for uniform growth in flock

Finisher Crumbs/Pellet (29 to 38 days) : Nutritionally balanced feed to utilize the genetic potential of broilers in finisher stage with uniform crumbs/pellets

Broiler Concentrate : High nutrition level with adequate medication and free from contaminants. When added with maize, it provides desired growth of broiler.


  • Scientifically formulated using latest know-how and manufactured at state-of-the-art feed mills.
  • Ideally balanced for protein (amino acid) and energy with highly digestible raw material such as Hypro Soya Doc, Corn Gluten, Sterilized MBM, Soya Oil etc.
  • Supplemented with imported quality, vitamin premix, trace minerals, enzymes immune stimulants and acidifiers which help in better growth and immunity.
  • Helps in precise nutrition of broiler which helps in better body weight gain and feed conversion ratio.
  • Uses NIR facilities for analysis of raw materials and feeds assuring better quality control.

Karan Feed Industries is specially formulated to fulfill the daily nutritional requirement of the bird and prevent metabolic disorders such as fatty liver, wet droppings, cage layer fatigue etc. It is available for 3 different phases of egg production in pellet crumbles to promote voluntary intake.


Anmol Layer Chick Crumbs (0-8 weeks) : Specially formulated to give your day old layer chick gets the right start

Anmol Grower Pellets (8-16 weeks) : Protein and energy balanced crumbs to prevent over fattening and promote voluntary feed intake

Karan Feed Industries : Specially formulated to fulfill the daily nutritional requirement of the bird and prevent various metabolic disorders

Layer Phase I (18-40 weeks) : Sustains egg production and gives better egg size and health


  • Produced in state-of-the-art feed mills under strict quality control measures
  • Made using better quality steam to ensure proper cooking (Gelatinisation). The steam also sterilizes the feed by destroying microbes.
  • Supplemented with high quality premixes, trace minerals, probiotics in organic form which help in better availability of nutrients and in maintaining optimal calorie-protein ratio.
  • Enriched with ideal coccidiostat to take care of young chicks
  • Full of immune-stimulants and antioxidants for better immunity
  • Rightly balanced with protein and energy with all the Digestible Amino Acids such as Lysine, Methionine, Threonine, Valine and Isoleucine